We can use materials you may throw away!

Schedule an Appointment to Donate Items

Many items have creative value and can be kept out of the trash.
Scrap It Up accepts materials from individuals and from businesses, manufacturers, design firms, furniture stores and other commercial sources. See below for a list of items we accept. This list is not all inclusive, so if you have materials to dispose of that are not on the list, please email us or give us a call. Also, in consideration of our small space, please limit donations of materials to 2 boxes or bags per visit to allow us time to sort and organize.

We welcome both material and monetary contributions. If you believe in our mission, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Scrap It Up.

Items We Accept

  • All items must be clean
  • Please sort and organize
  • Materials must be checked by staff
  • Limit 2 boxes or bags per visit
  • ***not needed at this time

Artist Supplies

Crayons, pencils and markers, sketch pads, craft paint, watercolors, brushes, carving tools, stencils, pastels, chalk pastels, new clay, glue guns, canvases, easels, rubber stamps, ink and ink pads, printing supplies, mosaic tiles, adhesives, small amounts of ceramic tiles 6″ or less

Jewelry Supplies

Beads, jewelry and craft wire, jewelry making tools, old costume jewelry

Paper Products

Cardboard Tubes (sturdy), art paper, sketch pads, cardstock, construction paper, vellum, tissue paper, greeting cards*** and envelopes***, postcards, poster board, scrapbooking paper, maps, matte board, foam core, playing cards, blank journals

Craft Supplies

Pipe cleaners, craft foam, feathers, glitter, marbles, game pieces, puzzle pieces, duct tape, masking tape, chalk, new silk flowers, wine corks, string, twine, sequins, fabric dyes, punches, postage stamps, stickers, craft glue

Clean Fabric and Notions

Fabric (40lbs or less), zippers, buttons, sewing supplies, sewing tools, Velcro, leather, burlap bags or remnants, patterns, ribbon, yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks, acetate, safety pins, felt

Metal Objects

Bottle Caps (metal), gasket scraps, magnets, promotional magnets, keys, watches and watch parts, phone wires, wire mesh, metal coffee cans

Plastic Objects

Produce bags, scrap PVC pipe (small pieces), records, CD’s***, DVD’s*** and cases***, typewriter keys, x-rays

Clean Containers

Cigar boxes, baby food jars, cookie tins***, picture frames, film canisters, film reels, altoid containers

Office Supplies

Clipboards, clean binders***, rulers, scissors, file folders, staplers, staples, staple removers, hole punchers, tape dispensers, tape, envelopes***, paper clips, labels, tags, organizers, colored transparencies, note pads

Small Wood Items

Clothes Pins, corks, spools and spindles, new popsicle sticks, craft sticks, dowels


Craft books***, quilting magazines***

We do not accept:

House paint (cans), spray paint, electronics, clothing, sheets, curtains, posters, toys, computers and parts, furniture, packing peanuts, food containers, carpet

***Not needed at this time